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Print hair/make up instructions
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Check which shows your dancer is in. (see email)

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Recital 2017
It's getting to be crunch time at A Fine Dance Studio. Spring recital is just around the corner! I know it's crazy since we are in the throws of freezing cold temperatures and still have snow everywhere, but it will melt and we will see the sunshine soon enough.

We are so excited to showcase your children at our annual performances the week of May 7th through May 13th. With our two company shows on May 7th and 12th and our mixed competition/recreational shows on Saturday, May 13th . Our theme for our 2017 show is "We Are Family". This reflects our studio vibe of embracing individuality and focusing on a supportive, accepting and nurturing environment.

PLEASE take the time to read through this entire email, print it and save it, so that you're informed about picture week, rehearsals, ticket sales, etc. This is something you will find yourself referring back to, so please keep it handy. If you do lose it however, all this information will also be available on the website under the "Recital" tab as soon as we can get it up there.

As always, thank you for being part of the AFDS family!

Miss Abigail

Dates to Remember

Sun. March 26
MANDATORY Father & Daughter Rehearsal SHOW C & D couples must be present to participate int the recital. Info sent in email and REMIND text app.
March 31-April 2
Elite Dance Challenge (Derry, NH) Petite & Teen Company ONLY
Sun. April 2
MANDATORY Father & Daughter Rehearsal SHOW C & D couples must be present to participate int the recital. Info sent in email and REMIND text app.
April 7-9
Elite Dance Challenge (Bellingham, MA) Prep, Pre, Mini, Premier, Teen, Junior, Senior A & B NOT Petite or Elite
Sat. April 15
TICKETS GO ON SALE online at see detailed email for which show(s) your family is in.
April 15-22
CLOSED FOR APRIL BREAK - reopen on Sunday, April 23rd for normal classes
April 28-30

Turn It Up Dance Challenge (Bellingham, MA) Prep, Pre, Mini, Premier, Petite, Junior, Senior A & B, Elite ----- NOT Teen
May 1
Reserve flowers (use doodle poll below)
Submit Video Yearbook information (see email below)
May 1-4
PICTURE WEEK IN CLASS --- during normal class time Dancers come in hair and make up and costume, ballet classes come in tights, ballet shoes and black leotard, bun and make up.
Sun. May 7- Sun. May 14
NO CLASSES @ studio entire week -- see rehearsal & recital schedule for details
Sun. May 7th
12pm COMPANY REHEARSAL (Rashi) 2:30pm DOORS OPEN for SHOW A *Company Show 3pm-5pm SHOW A - COMPANY SHOW
6pm Mandatory Father & Daughter Rehearsal in outfits
Mon. May 8th
STAGE REHEARSAL @ RASHI SCHOOL, DEDHAM all Monday, Tuesday & Friday Performance Classes arrive at 5:45pm hair and make up done in BLACK LEOTARD, TIGHTS & DANCE SHOES IN A BAG. NO COSTUMES!!!! --- PICK UP TIME TBD week before
Tues. May 9th
STAGE REHEARSAL @ RASHI SCHOOL, DEDHAM all Wednesday & Thursday Performance Classes arrive at 5:45pm hair and make up done in BLACK LEOTARD, TIGHTS & DANCE SHOES IN A BAG. NO COSTUMES!!!! --- PICK UP TIME TBD week before
Wed. May 10 & Thur. May 11
Picture Viewing @ studio during 3-7pm - this is the only time you can view the beautiful photos of your children. Please be patient it gets busy.
May 12th
A Fine Company Show B @ 7-9pm dancers arrive in hair and make up @ 6pm
May 13th
Show C: 10-12pm (dancers arrive at 9am)
Show D: 3-5pm (dancers arrive at 2pm)
May 15
Reserve your free copy of the show DVD --- deadline is firm, only 1 copy per family. Unless your kids have to be in different shows to see all their dances, then you get 2 copies.
May 15th thru June 12th
Studio reopens for after recital FUN classes - come to your class time or try a new class style. This is a great time to bring friends who want to try out program. See Robin for liability forms and to organize bringing a friend each week.

May 27th
Company & Team Invitation Emails Sent Out --- if you are new to the team/company experience and want to be considered for a spot, email abigail@afdance.comto set up a meeting and audition. there will be no formal audition this year. Placement will be based on dedication, attendance, skill level and commitment from the previous years.
May 27-29
CLOSED for Memorial Day Weekend
Mon. June 5th
Registration Opens for 2017-2018 Season
Tuesday - Monday
June 6-12th
Last Week Of Classes - BRING A FRIEND! Please note we end on a Monday this year
Summer Programs (email or go online to for details)

Recital Update

The 2017 Recitals will be
May 7th, 12th & 13th
@ The Rashi School, 8000 Great Meadow Road, Dedham


Sun. May 7th @ 3-5pm (kids come 12-5pm)
(all competition groups)

  • dancers arrive 12pm hair and make up, black plain shorts or 5 year AFDS shorts are fine too, caramel jazz shoes & black recital t-shirt ON. Rehearsal of FINALE.
  • They'll have time to eat something, so pack NEAT, non staining foods and water ONLY.
  • 2pm - kids touch up and organize for show
  • 2:30pm doors open
  • 2:45pm Video Yearbook
  • 3pm - show will begin promptly

Fri. May 12th @ 7-9pm (kids come 6-9pm)
(Petite, Teen, Junior, Senior A & B, Elite groups, solos, duets, trios)
  • dancers arrive 6pm hair and make up
  • 6:30pm - doors open
  • 6:45pm Video Yearbook
  • 7pm - show will begin promptly


Sat. May 13th @ 10am-12pm (kids come 9am)
  • dancers arrive 9am hair and make up
  • 9:30am - doors open
  • 9:45am Video Yearbook
  • 10am - show will begin promptly
Monday 6-8 Jazz/Hip Hop & Contemporary (Hilary)
Wednesday 1:30-2:30 Combo (Abigail)
Wednesday 4-5 Combo (Abigail)
Wednesday 4-6 Combo (Cailin & Laura)
Thursday 4-6 Combo (Cailin & Brittany)
Friday 4:15-5:15 Hip Hop (Karie)
Pre Company (all groups)
Mini Company (all groups)
Premier Company (all groups)
Petite Company (all groups)
Teen Company (all groups)
Junior/Senior/Elite Company (all groups)
Father & Daughter (Show C couples


Sat. May 13th @ 3-5pm (kids come 2pm)
  • dancers arrive 2pm hair and make up
  • 2:30pm - doors open
  • 2:45pm Video Yearbook
  • 3pm - show will begin promptly
Monday 5-6 Hip Hop (Hilary)
Tuesday 4-5:30 Combo (Karie & Kristin)
Tuesday 4:30-5:30 (Kicks 4 A Cause) - (Avery)
Tuesday 5:30-7:30 Combo (Karie & Kristin)
Wednesday 4-5 Hip Hop (Kristin)
Thursday 6-8 Jazz/Lyrical (Brittany & Sarah)
Thursday 6-7 Hip Hop (Kristin)
Prep Team (all groups)
Mini Company (all groups)
Premier Company (all groups)
Petite Company (all groups)
Teen Company (all groups)
Junior/Senior/Elite Company (all groups)
Father & Daughter (Show D couples)

Rehearsal Update

WHERE: Rashi School, 8000 Great Meadow Road, Dedham

WHEN: See below

Rehearsals will take place the week leading up to Recital. All rehearsals are at The Rashi School. Arrive at 5:45pm in black leotard, caramel tights and bring all appropriate dance shoes. Please come wearing FULL Stage hair and make-up. Rehearsals last approximately 2 hours. Although shorter for younger children. Keep reading for more details.
We rehearse in order of age with the youngest going first. We will give you an idea of pickup times closer to the rehearsals. When the kids aren't rehearsing, they are watching the other dancers or taking a tour of the facility with a staff member. So they get acquainted with the facility and our procedures. PLEASE do not come into the auditorium/dressing areas. We run a tight ship and it's impossible to keep track of all the children if there is a parade of adults coming into the theater. Always wait in the lobby and your child will be brought out to you. Thank you so much for your cooperation with this.


Monday, May 8th
@ 5:45pm (Pick up times will be sent home a few days before)
All Monday, Tuesday, Friday performing classes

Tuesday, May 9th
@ 5:45pm (Pick up times will be sent home a few days before)
All Wednesday & Thursday performing classes

  • NO COSTUMES!!!!!!!
  • NO family or friends. It's a closed rehearsal so the kids can be super focused and we can move quickly without interruption.They'll be tons of supervision and people specifically assigned to each class to help with anything they need from bathroom to shoes, etc.
  • Hair & Make Up Done
  • Black Leotard, Caramel Tights, All Dance Shoes (LABELED)
  • Water Bottle ONLY (no food or other beverages)
  • Older kids go after younger kids TYPICALLY so bring work if you want to and if the younger kids aren't ready we will throw you on in between them.
  • We will be photographing the rehearsals so please make sure your child is appropriately dressed and is in their stage hair and make-up.
Ticket Sales

Tickets are going on sale on April 15th online ONLY.
Visit and follow the ticket sale prompts.

As in the past, please place the order for as many tickets as you want and we will do our best to get you that many. We like to make sure everyone gets a chance at 5 ticket first, but then after we are sure everyone had their chance we give our the most tickets we can based on your online request.

There are no changes possible after you place your order, so if you order too many tickets you'll need to try and get someone else to purchase them. Too many changes make it too confusing for the ticket company to keep things organized.

IF YOU NEED A "HANDICAP SEAT" (this will require a wheelchair) --- there is no seat in this spot, so do not request unless your person is in a wheelchair.

Please feel free to use the notes section of the ticket form online to tell us anything you need to, however just know that if you want to sit near someone else, the chances are slim unless you order right after one another.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. It's going to be an amazing show. The kids are working so hard and will make you proud.
(deadline 5/15)

As always, your high definition DVD of the show is complimentary. We do this so that no one holds up their large LCD ipads, phones, video cameras and ruins the show for those other families around them. Video is strictly prohibited for this reason.

USING THIS ORDER LINK BELOW YOU MUST REQUEST WHICH SHOW YOU'D LIKE --- so make sure you know which show your child is in. Which show am i in? CLICK HERE

Begin reserving your copy now!
So you do not forget!

Order Our Beautiful Roses HERE!

Beautiful single-wrapped Recital Roses are available for pre-sale now through May 1st for $5/each.

DOODLE ORDER LINK (deadline 5/1)

Beautiful Single wrapped roses are available for pre sale through this link! CASH ONLY PLEASE!

Make sure enter your email address and phone number correctly so if we have people with the same names we don't make any mistakes.

BRING CASH to the front desk as soon as you can so we can make sure your flowers are reserved for you at the shows!

No cards or checks accepted for flowers.

Extra roses will be available for purchase at the door for $6/each. Quantity will be limited so don't miss out, pre order with this link please.

compilation done by Elissa Owen

Tell your dancers how proud you are of them by placing a special ad in our video yearbook that is played 15 minutes before the show begins, each DVD will have a copy of this video as well and we will post the link on facebook too for you to share if you'd like!

Space is limited in the video yearbook so get yours in ASAP!
There are two options to choose from:

FULL SLIDE: $100 (great for groups!)
HALF SLIDE (Shared with one other ad): $50

Most people include a photo in the ad. However, it is not necessary. A graphic will be used if no photo is provided.

All requests must be emailed to with a digital photo and the typed message you'd like to use. High quality photos produce the best ads.


Dancer(s) Name(s)
Size of the Ad Desired
Text for the Ad
A Photo if you'd like one
Whether you'd like the credit card on file charged or would like to bring the fee to the front desk.

Organization Is Key!

All costumes will be sent home mid April.
Please be on the lookout for these large brown bags and immediately have your child try on their costume so you can see what, if any, small alteration may need to be made. All alterations are your responsibility.
Most, if not ALL pants will need to be hemmed at the top of the shoe. We just don't want to see ankles, so don't go too short.
In that very same moment please
label the insides of each and every item they have in their costume bag. Costumes MUST NOT be played in or worn, except on Picture Day & Recital Day.

Picture Week
(during normal class time)
May 1st - 4th

Friday 4:15pm Hip Hop class your photos are on Wednesday @ 4pm - they will have class 5/5 as well.

Taking pictures is mandatory so the group shots are complete, but purchase is entirely OPTIONAL.

Yes! Wear/bring your costume (already tailored) to class.
Yes! Arrive with your hair in a recital-ready bun (see link below for instructions)

Yes! Arrive with your full stage make-up on (see link below for instructions)

Yes! Wear/bring CLEAN tights and your dance shoes to class.

NO! Nail polish or fake tattoos PLEASE!!

Click here for a hair and make-up instruction sheet.

Each child will take:
  • a full body photo in each costume
  • a close-up "portrait" head shot
  • a group photo with their whole dance class

In addition, you MAY take a photo with a friend (non-relative), but one parent per dancer must authorize the request because the photo MUST be purchased.

Even if you don't plan to purchase photos, PLEASE still come to photo day so your child is included in the group picture. We also run our dances in costumes so teachers can see if there are any issues.

Reminder: per our contract with the photographer, parents cannot come into the photo room or take pictures on the backdrop.


May 10-11 ONLY @ 3-7pm
@ the studio ONLY

You can come any time you like in the times provided above. If you like the photos, you can buy them. All photos will be printed and ready to take home. Please be patient as it can get very very busy.

There is NO obligation to buy photos!!!!

A Fine Dance Studio | 781-449-4800 | |
322 Reservoir Street
Needham, MA 02494