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Classes For All Levels

A Fine Dance Studio (AFDS) believes strongly in being a well-rounded dancer/performer. To accomplish this goal, combination classes are available for all levels and typically are 1 hour (ages 2.5-7) to 1.5 hours (ages 7.5+). All Combo classes begin with a warm-up and center stretch. In 1 hour Combo classes, your child will learn ballet, tap and acro. In the 1.5-2 hour Combo classes, dancers will learn ballet and lyrical, tap, jazz & acro. Younger dancers may be rewarded each class with a 2 minute Disco Party. Disco Parties are a privilege earned by good behavior and respect for one another. All teachers strive to offer this reward.

The 1 hour combo classes have TWO recital dances and the 1 1/2 hr and 2 hr classes will have THREE recital dances. Dancers enrolled in this style program may also want to supplement with more ballet, technique, tap, jazz/hip hop, acro or stretch and flexibility.


The foundation of all dance forms, proper ballet technique will improve all dancers balance, posture, control, flexibility and timing. Ballet classes are focused on technique and do not perform in the annual recital. We encourage dancers enrolled in Ballet to also also take another performance class so they can learn to apply their movement to their choreography and leaps, jumps and turns.

Combo Classes

Combo Classes are our favorite style of class for our recreational dancers. In line with our philosophy of teaching kids to be well rounded, we offer Combination style classes in 1, 1.5 and 2 hour lengths.

1 hour Cutie Combo Classes will spend about 30 minutes on ballet, stretch and technique in center and across the floor, about 20 minutes on tap technique and combos and about 10 minutes on acrobatics and disco party.

1.5 hours Stepping It Up Combo Classes will spend about 30 minutes on ballet/lyrical, stretch and technique in center and across the floor, 15 minutes on faster pace jazz style movement, about 30 minutes on tap technique and combos and about 15 minutes on acrobatics and disco party.

2 hour Big Kid Combo Classes spend about 30 minutes on ballet, conditioning and stretch, about 30 minutes going across the floor and in center on their technique, about 30 minutes on tap and about 30 minutes on jazz. We try to weekly fit in acrobatics, but it depends on the week and how things are going. 


Offered in the 2 hour long classes, this class focuses on Jazz and Lyrical/Contmeporary style movement, technique and choreography. Lyrical is a style of dance which uses more ballet training in a more expressive manner by interpreting the lyrics of a song through movement. The jazz portion is focused on combining different styles of jazz, from broadway, smooth, funky, fusion and more. This class will have two dances in the recital. Dancers in this program should consider taking an additional ballet and technique class. Maybe even stretch and flexibility.

A Fine Kicks For A Cause "Rockette Program"
Tippy Toes and Tap Shoes

First steps into the fundamentals. Begin to cultivate a love for movement and music through teacher lead activities that introduce basic movement and dance vocabulary within ballet, tap & acrobatics. With a focus on the development of gross motor skills, students will work on balance, coordination, rhythm and musicality in a fun and creative setting. Age appropriate music and exercises will encourage and empower students to be confident movers.

This class performs in our annual recital with a ballet & tap dance. This is undoubtably the cutest moment of the entire show. Watching our littles show off their confidence and all they’ve learned during their year of dance. 

Designed for the youngest dancers (2 to 4 years old).

Hip Hop & Tricks

This class gives the recreational dancer the chance to engage in the two of the most “fun” styles of dance set to popular music. All instruction is age-appropriate and they do 1 dance in the recital. This class tends to be geared more towards recreational dancers as it’s a more FUN oriented class where individual style is encouraged.

Hip-hop & Tap Combo Class

AFDS supports self expression and dramatics in older more experienced dancers.  

Hip Hop is challenging, inspirational and a fantastic form of exercise. Each teacher, class and song will inspire different choreography. Hip Hop can be high energy fun all the way to dark and urban. We are very clear and encourage our dancers to maintain self-respect and their own identity regardless of what the music or movement is telling them to do. We believe that through our positive environment and influence opening the doors of communication can bridge the uncomfortable gap that children feel in society today. Hip Hop often helps dancers to come out of their shell and gain the confidence necessary to stand up for what they believe in.

Tap enhances the teens ability to listen to the beats and sounds within the music and encourages them to focus on rhythms and musicality. 


Also known as acro or tumbling, is the floor component of gymnastics but incorporates more dance style movement. At AFDS, Acro consists of somersaults, cartwheels, back bends, etc. Then moves each student along at their own rate. If one child is more advanced she will still be pushed to do things without hands, etc. The goal is to increase back flexibility, upper body strength and balance. Acro classes are most appropriate for dancers between five and eleven years old. Acro classes do perform in the recital.


Come Check Out Our Classes for 1 Week – Just $20.

  • due at time of registration for the trial class(es)
  • valid for 7 days from the start of your first trial class
  • valid only in classes with space still available
  • if a class fills with dancers who are fully registered and commited for the year before your trial, unfortuantely you will have to reschedule to another class that has space available. Robin can explain this further.

Why $20? Because we reserve your spots in advance and that means other poeple can’t trial at the same time in that class. We find this is the best way to avoid over crowding.

Private Lessons

Sometimes a student will want to work on a particular skill or work toward a particular goal. Private lessons are a good way to make progress quickly. Ask at the front desk for availability.