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Excellence at Every Level


Our teams are comprised of the very best and more humble and friendly dancers in the metro west area, hands down. The training is fun yet rigorous and designed to inspire dancers who have the desire to push themselves. Our dancers go on to be professional working performers as well as having successful college or post high-school school dance experiences.

Our 2021-2022 Season has been completely redesigned bringing together all the best of what we’ve learned through the years. We have 5 larger teams that we will draw from to develop specialized smaller groups. Each team has been designed based on level.

THE SPARKS: A beginner team of our most electric little ones who have caught the dance bug early. We can’t wait to see them thrive and grow this coming season. These dancers train 3 – 7 hours per week. Click here to see a chart of requirements for TEAM SPARKS.

TEAM INSPIRE & TEAM ENERGIZE: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate dancers who have demonstrated their commitment and enthusiasm for dance. These dancers are hungry and eager to work hard and absorb all they can. These dancers train 8 – 12 hours per week.

Click here to see a chart of requirements for TEAM INSPIRE. 

Click here to see a chart of requirements for TEAM ENERGIZE.

 TEAM AMBITION & THE GRIT TEAM: Advanced level dancers who are inspiring on so many levels, not just as artists but also as people. These dances were chosen because of their focus, dedication and commitment to excellence. But also for their ability to be strong leaders within our dance family. These dancers train 8 – 20 hours per week.

Click here to see a chart of requirements for TEAM AMBITION. 

Click here to see a chart of requirements for the GRIT TEAM. 



Competition team placement is by invitation only. Criteria is based on technical skills and overall ability. Commitment to dance, enthusiasm, motivation and team/studio spirit are an absolute prerequisite. If you are interested in being invited to our competition program, please email Miss Abigail. Miss Robin can help design a schedule of classes for your dancer to prepare him/her for the future opportunity of being on one of our teams/companies.

For the 2021-2022 Season we have spent the entire year redesigning our program and are excited to see it evolve and succeed. Placement is not based solely upon age, it is based on ability and team dynamics. We spend a tremendous amount of time and effort designing each team and considering each dancer as an individual.

Auditions & Invitations

We strongly encourage each dancer spend at least 1 dance season taking the following AFDS classes. Ballet, Technique, Tap, Jazz & Lyrical. Dancers who are currently enrolled in those classes will be preparing for what it’s like to be on one of our well-rounded teams.

If you are from another studio and would like to know more about our competition program, feel free to call (781) 449-4800. All new student auditions will be held in June by appointment only.

Competition dancers are expected to attend all competitions that are assigned by the studio as well as at least 1 outside dance conventions per year. The number of competitions goes up with the age and abilities of the dancers. See requirements below for each team. 

Competition dancers are also required to attend our summer intensive in the end of August. 


Our CURRENT Competition Schedule 2020-2021 


Step Up To Dance: October 25, 2020

Elite Dance Challenge: Feb 28, 2021

NUVO/RADIX Convention/Competition: April 23-25, 2021

DIVA Dance: May 8, 2021

Imagine Dance Challenge: May 15, 2021

Revel Dance Convention/Competition: May 21-23, 2021

2021-2022 Teams & Requirments

Our Competition Schedule & Group Rehearsals will be finalized in August.

Stay tuned!

Team Sparks


2-3 hr/wk
1 Combo Class & 1 group routine minimum, 2 competitions

Team Inspire


6.5 hrs/wk
3 hours ballet, 3 hours technique, 1 routine minimum, 3 competitions & 1 required convention

Team Energize


6.5 hrs/wk
3 hours ballet, 3 hours technique & 1 routine minimum, 3 competitions & 1 required convention

Team Ambition


7.5 - 7.75 hrs/wk
3 hours ballet, 3 hours technique & 2 routines minimum, 3 competitions & 1 convention


Spots on each team are by invitation only. Once you are ready to commit please complete the survey within the invitation email to register.

Grit Team


11-11.25 hrs/week
4.5 hours ballet, 4.5 hours technique, 1 choreo lab & 3 routines minimum, 5 competitions & 3 conventions