the fine print

SUMMER Policies





Our goal is to teach your child the art of dance and to have fun learning. In order to maintain a structured studio, the following studio rules apply to everyone.

  • No street shoes are allowed on the studio floors.
  • All dancers must be in their black dress code.
  • All dancers must have their hair back in the style appropriate for their class when they arrive.
  • Please label dance shoes and belongings.
  • No gum or staining juices are ever allowed in the building.
  • Only water is permitted in the studios.
  • AFDS is a peanut and nut-free facility.
  • No foul language, yelling or disruptive behavior.
  • All staff and instructors should be addressed as “Miss” or “Mister” and their first name.
  • Staff members must be present for anyone to enter a dance studio room.




Class Size & Safety Protocols (per Board Of Health)

    • This summer classes will be reduced to 8 or 9 students plus instructors based on State safety guidelines.  
    • Everyone will maintain a 6 foot distance at all times and only dancers wearing masks may enter the building.
    • All dancers & faculty will be wearing masks at all times – unless more than 6 feet away from one another. Please pack 2 or 3 masks for each student. A mask must be worn as they enter the building.
    • Only dancers may enter the building. Waiting area is not available to parents or siblings at this time.
    • Temperatures will be taken upon entry for students and faculty.  Temp of 99 & over will be sent home.
    • All dancers need to arrive in dance clothes (changing rooms are closed) and bathrooms need to be reserved for bathroom use only.
    • Hand sanitizing will be done upon entry to each dance room. The studio rooms  and the front desk have hand sanitizer containing 70% alcohol.  If you prefer your child to use their own, please label it and send in with their dance bag.  
    • Bathrooms will be restricted to 1 person at a time. Even though we have 2 stalls, only 1 person may use the bathroom at a time.
    • Bring labeled & filled water bottles or exact change of $1 for water or snacks.  Or purchase a $10 snack card for your child to keep on file at the studio front desk and we can check off when they get an item. 
    • The water fountain will be closed (as per health department guidelines).
    • No contact will be permitted between anyone other than extreme medical emergencies.  So faculty will not be doing ponytails or buns.  Make sure hair is ready before coming into the studio. 
    • Surface cleaning will happen after each class. Teachers will be in charge of wiping down frequently used surfaces with approved disinfectant & sanitizing products.
    • Only healthy staff members (without symptoms) will be working at the studio.
    • If your child or a household family member have symptoms like coughing, sneezing or other illness symptoms please stay home and use the Zoom links to participate in class from the comfort of home.



    SUMMER HOURS OF OPERATION (June 30-August 27)

    Tuesday, June 30th @ 12-6pm

    Wednesday, July 1st @ 12-6pm

    Thursday, July 2nd @ 12-6pm

    Mondays (July 6th – August 24th) @ 8:30am – 9:30pm

    Tuesday (July 7th – August 25th) @ 8:30am – 9:30pm

    Wednesday (July 8th – August 26th) @ 8:30am – 9:30pm

    Thursdays (July 9th – August 27th) @ 8:30am – 9:30pm

    Fridays: CLOSED

    Saturdays: CLOSED

    Sundays: CLOSED

    Registration Fee
    SUMMER REGISTRATION of $10 per dancer is being waived for Summer 2020 as a thank you for your continued support and participation in our summer programs. 
    Dress Code
    Students are required to be in proper attire when attending all classes. By being dressed appropriately, dancers are showing respect or their instructor, their fellow dancers and the program as a whole.

    HAIR:  Every student must have their hair pulled away from their face, ballet students in a tightly securely bun.

    SHOES & ATTIRE can be found on the dress code page of this website.

    Drop-off and Pickup
    Drop off Procedures

      • As we will be having staggered start and release times please arrive only a few minutes before classes start so we can safely take every dancer’s temperature and make sure they know where to go for class and give everyone a pump of hand sanitizer.
      • Parents will not be allowed into the studio as per the guidelines set out for us by the State.  You may wait in your cars or in the parking area but please observe proper social distancing.
      • Please remind your child to wait on the ramp 6 feet apart with their mask on their face before entering the building.  

    Pickup Protocol: 

    TEXT 508 622-5334 when you arrive for pickup & make sure you include the child(rens) name(s) that you are taking with you.  Then, wait patiently in/at your car and a faculty member will safely escort your child outside. Please pick up on time as we are restricted to only having a certain number of people in the building.  

    Waiting Area and Dressing Rooms
    Due to Covid Guidelines the waiting room will not be available for guests. The waiting room will be repurposed as waiting space for our dancers who are enrolled in classes. This will allow everyone 6 or more feet of space apart from one another. 

    Dressing Rooms are not to be used whenever possible. The Board Of Health encourages everyone to arrive dressed and ready for class. 

    Attendance & Make-Up Policy

    Due to limited space in our IN STUDIO porgrams we cannot guarentee a make up option for each dancer who misses class. However, we have done a tremendous amount of work and made a huge investment into making sure each studio is equipted with computers so that each and every IN STUDIO class will be also LIVE streamed for kids to take at home. 

    This is also a great tool for parents that want to watch their children while in class. We usually have the tvs in the waiting room for people to watch, but at this time the waiting room is closed. 

    Trial Classes

    Trial classes are a great option for students and families that are new to our studio. Each new dancer will be permitted 1 week of trial classes (7 consecutive days) to try whatever classes they’d like to. However, this is only availbale IF and only if there is space in the classes the trial student is interested in.  Each trial student must complete the new liability form located below. 

    Withdrawal Policy
    Summer programs are paid for at the time of registration and there are no refunds after payment in full. We encourage you to only commit and pay for the classes and programs you know you are available to take. These short term commitments allow people not to have to invest so much at one time. 

    Each dancer/family must complete the first 4 pages of this document. Please print off and return the first 4 pages with Initials (pages 1, 2 & 4) and fill in and complete and sign page 3. You can scan and email to or drop it off at the studio during business hours. Please text us from the car and we will come out and grab it from you. The text ONLY number for the studio is 508-622-5334.