Our goal is to teach your child the art of dance and to have fun learning. In order to maintain a structured studio, the following rules and regulations apply. Please review and let us know if you have any questions.

  • No street shoes are allowed on the studio floors.
  • No gum is ever allowed in the building. All food and drinks must be kept in the waiting area (black and white tiled floor). Parents and siblings are expected to pick up after themselves. No food or drinks are allowed in the studios, water is permitted. AFDS is a peanut and nut-free facility in consideration of our students with life threatening allergies. Please do not bring nuts on the premises.
  • No foul language, yelling or disruptive behavior allowed in the studio at any time.
  • All staff and instructors will be addressed as “Miss” or “Mister” and their first name unless otherwise specified by the instructor at the start of the year. This shows respect for your teachers and must be followed at all times.
  • Children/parents are NOT permitted to enter any dance rooms without an AFDS staff member present. Dance rooms without classes in session are not playrooms.
Drop Off & Pick Up

Please do not drop your dancers at the studio more than 15 minutes before class and please return promptly for pick up at the conclusion of classes. Students waiting for a ride are instructed to remain in the building until their ride arrives.

Recital Costumes

Each dancer based on class, age, level and type of dance will be required to purchase one or more recital costumes for the end of the year performance. This information will be made clear from the time you register. Costumes will only be distributed to those accounts that are paid in full by May 1st. If your child does not plan to participate in recital, you MUST let Abigail know by 11/1 to receive a refund on costumes.

Multiple Family Recital Policy

While a large effort is made to minimize the number of shows a single family performs in, it is not always possible to put all family members in one show. Therefore, please expect that if you have multiple children at AFDS, that your children will be in different shows.

Waiting Area and Dressing Rooms

The lobby is a “quiet area”. Please show your respect to our dancers, the instructors and other families by keeping noise levels to a minimum at all times. Dressing rooms and cubby space is for the use of our dancers only. Please no playing in the dressing rooms. Please do not bring valuables to dance. AFDS cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.


Students are promoted to higher classes at the teacher's discretion. It is not automatic that your child will be promoted because their friends or peers are. Teachers will not hesitate to move a student up or down if their ability and performance in class suggests the need. It is our desire to have each student placed in the best possible class for his/her individual learning needs. Any student who wishes to take additional classes or private lessons to help them advanced to higher levels, should speak to Miss Abigail for scheduling and further information. Please feel free to request a meeting for information on how to get your child to the next level.

Tuition Policy

For your convenience we offer three different payment options. See Tuition Schedule Here.

Registration Fee

Each student (1 time per year) will be charged a $30 registration fee. This fee is non-refundable and holds a dancers spot in our program.

Dress Code

Students are required to be in proper attire when attending all classes. Click here to see the dress code. By being dressed appropriately, dancers are showing respect or their instructor, their fellow dancers and the program as a whole. Every student must have their hair pulled away from their face, ballet students in a tightly securely bun. All performance shoes should be purchased from our A Fine Dance Shoppe or our online partner, curtaincallforclass.com, to maintain a uniform look on stage. All other shoes and dance attire may be purchased at the Dance Shoppe or through other dance stores.

Teacher Conferences

Instructors teach back to back classes and do not have time between classes for conversations regarding your student. If you would like to talk with an instructor please phone the studio at 781.449.4800 and set up an appointment that is convenient for all.

Inclement Weather

AFDS does not follow the Needham Public School inclement weather policy as the majority of our classes fall outside the normal public school hours. If the studio is closing, it will be posted on the home page of the website and will be posted on the AFDS Facebook page. We do our utmost not to cancel classes, but if the weather is alarming, please look to our website and facebook for closing information.

Monthly/Periodic Newsletters

At the beginning of most months we will EMAIL home a newsletter. This will also be placed at the front desk for those of you who do not have email access; this newsletter will contain all information about upcoming events, schedule changes, studio closings, pressing deadlines and general news about the studio. Please make sure that you read each newsletter. It is each family’s responsibility to ensure email information is accurate and up to date. Click here for access to archived newsletters.

Withdrawal Policy

For the development of the dancers, we strongly encourage each dancer to complete a full year program and not quit for any reason. Tuition is based on a full academic year (September-June). Please see the refund and withdrawal policy for detailed explanation. This policy is strict because class sizes are necessarily limited for learning purposes. If a student registers for a class, they reserve the spot preventing someone else from registering. Withdrawals partway through the year do not allow others to sign up for the class. Please see refund and withdrawal policy.

If you opt for the Pay-In-Full option, and have taken advantage of the Pay-in-Full discount, there are no refunds. You may switch classes and you may add classes, but no refunds for Pay-In-Full classes will be made.

Withdrawal Policy

When withdrawing we must your request to withdraw in writing (email is acceptable) accompanied with your final payment and penalty fee. Withdrawal is not official until this is completed with payment received. All refunds will be given in the form of a check and take 14 days to process. If you would like to withdraw from the program you must give a 30 days written notice. Premium fees will not be refunded. For example, if your notification is submitted:

  • before August 1st 100% tuition refund (no refund on registration fee)
  • by the first day of classes 1 month penalty.
  • 10/1 (dancers attends through 10/31) = Client owes Sept, Oct & 1 month penalty
  • 11/1 (dancers attends through 11/30) = Client owes Sept, Oct, Nov & 1 month penalty
  • 12/1 (dancers attends through 12/31) = Client owes Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec & 1 month penalty
  • 1/1 (dancers attends through 1/31) = Client owes Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan & 1 month penalty
  • 2/1 (dancers attends through 2/28) = Client owes Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, & 1 month penalty
  • 3/1 (dancers attends through 3/31) = Client owes Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar & 1 month penalty
  • 4/1 (dancers attends through 4/30) = Client owes Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, April & 1 month penalty

If you opt for the Pay-In-Full option, and have taken advantage of the Pay-in-Full discount, there are no refunds.