“Now or Never”

15th Anniversary Celebration 2024

June 13th-16th, 2024

Medfield High School Auditorium

Navigate to: 24 Pound Street, Medfield, MA entrance for parking and easy access to the auditorium

Ticket Sales

Important Info & Details

      • IF YOU NEED A “HANDICAP SEAT” (this will require a wheelchair) there is no seat in this spot, so the person must have a wheelchair. Please remember that you MUST be in a wheelchair to have a handicap spot.  You buy tickets the same as you would above. Just make sure your guest is in a wheel chair. 
      • SEATING: Again this year we are going with a general admission seating plan as it worked beautifully and people spaced out however they felt comfortable.  Much like going to a movie theater, you arrive and find seats.
      • DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR ORDER MULTIPLE TIMES – please have patience as sometimes the internet connections and these websites can be slow. Please remember that once you submit your ticket order and the order has been process they are non-refundable. You can exchange for another show IF and only if we have the availability. There are NO REFUNDS.
      • EMAIL CONFIRMATION: Make sure to enter your email address correctly, don’t rush. This is critical because if you do not enter your email address correctly you won’t get your email confirmation. That creates confusion and unnecessary panic for people.
      • NON-AFDS families are always permitted to purchase tickets. We welcome you to invite friends and other families interested in our program. Simply send them the link to purchase their own tickets.
      • TICKET PRICE & FEES: Tickets are $23 per person and there is NO lap sitting per the schools policies. We encourage those with small children who have trouble sitting for 2.5 hours to find alternative care for those small children. As with ticket ordering of any kind the website will charge you minimal fees.
      • Photos & Videos are NOT permitted. Each family will recieve free videos and any photos we take of the show and we will be enforcing this policy during the show. Please do not pick up your cell phone or camera to take photos or videos.