staying strong all summer long

summer programs


Summer Series (June 27 – August 12)

This is a fun series of programs where you choose which dates you can attend. So if you want to do every Monday you can, but if you want to skip around because of travel you can do that too. Check out the fun programs below. 

MOTIVATION MONDAYS: Starting 6/27, Ending 8/8

Start your week off on a high note. Each class includes a warm up, workout & stretch. Then jump into fun choreography in a variety of styles. From hip hop to jazz and contemporary/lyrical. Open your mind and heart and you’ll leave feeling happy and motivated.

TECHNIQUE TUESDAYS:  Starting, 6/28, Ending 8/9        

More of a traditional AFine COMP[rehensive] style class beginning with a full ballet class and then jumping into our mobility, strength & conditioning. Followed by a good deep stretch to work our flexibility. Then drilling our jumps, leaps, turns.Ending with some energizing choreography to bring it altogether.


WORKIT! WEDNESDAYS:  Starting, 6/29, Ending 8/10

Train Smart. Train hard. We encourage our dancers to see themselves as not only artists but also as athletes. Wednesdays we will work out and train as both athletes and artists. New physical & artistic challenges each week, pushing us to get over hump day knowing we’ve made progress and excited to finish the week off strong.


THEATRICAL THURSDAYS: Starting, 6/30, Ending 8/11

A super fun day full of theatrical genres like Lyrical, Contemporary, Broadway Jazz, Musical Theater & more. Each class will do a proper warm up, workout and stretch of course.