Summer At AFDS

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Dear AFDS,
I have heard from so many people that they are ready to sign up for our amazing summer programs. There are some new, awesome offerings at A Fine Dance Studio for your kiddos.
We've enhanced our summer offerings, check them all out below!   
  • June Tumbling Clinics (three levels)
  • Dance & Fitness Camp (August)
  • Day Intensive (two levels)
  • Evening Intensive (three levels)

Click on this Register Link  and use the tabs to get to summer programs. The arrows will take you to the correct months. Then just click on the class and it will take you to the registration page. Reminder, only classes that are green still have space available.
Miss Abigail



A Fine Dance & Fitness Camp 
(early drop off & last pick up available)  

WK 1: August 20-24 (Showcase Demonstration Friday @ 2:30pm) $299/child
WK 2: August 27-30 (Showcase Demonstration Thursday @ 2:30pm) $239/child

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Every morning
at our A Fine Kids Camp will begin with a fun
warm up and yoga stretch, mixed in with some partner activities. We will have a few quick breaks throughout the morning and then head out for our 30 minute walk n' talk, which we all love because we get to socialize, laugh and have fun while getting to know one another. Often times we even stop at the local park around the corner. So make sure to pack, sunblock, sneakers and a water bottle. After lunch and and arts and crafts time, we leap right into an action packed afternoon focused on dance and movement as well as some fun tumbling and tricks. Then always ending with our celebratory disco party and freeze dance until pick up at 3pm At the end of each camp week we invite our friends and family to come our last day of camp at 2:30pm for our showcase/demonstration of the dances we've learned that week. Needless to say, everyday at A Fine Dance & Fitness Camp is so much fun for kids ages 4-8. The day flies by and we learn so much. It's such a blast!!!  
We hope you join us this summer.

August 20-24

August 27-30
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Day Time Dance Intensive @ 9am-4pm
August 13th-16th, 20th-23rd, 27th-30th - Just $90/day

Full day dance intensive is designed for the more serious dancer who loves the atmosphere and design of lengthy dance conventions. Starting at 9am we begin with our warm up and workout, then indulge in our classical ballet, conditioning and technique (jumps/leaps/turns) classes. After a short break we delve into other fun genres each day; including hip hop, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, modern, musical theater, ballroom, belly dancing, and much much more!
We welcome intermediate and advanced level dancers from outside AFDS as well. Each day intensive is 6 hours of dance class and a total of 1 hour of breaks and lunch. 

Evening Dance Intensive - begins at 4pm
August 13th-16th, 20th-23rd, 27th-30th
All Dancers Are Invited 
Dance intensive is a well rounded dance program designed to get the more serious dancer up to speed for the upcoming dance season. Intensive is mandatory for all dancers on our competition companies and teams. We encourage and welcome all dancers interested in improving and honing their technical skills to join this program. If you are unsure which intensive is right for you, please contact Robin and she will check with the faculty and figure out which level your dancer should register for this coming summer.

We STRONGLY encourage dancers to enroll in their dates as soon as possible since they get filled up super quickly. Also, once you select your days please set them in stone. No last minute switching please!! ONLY THE MOST URGENT REQUESTS FOR SWITCHING WILL BE ALLOWED. 

Monday-Thursday, August 13th - 30th
Once again company dancers are required to participate in intensive in order to be a part of 2018-2019 dance season. This is non-negotiable.

Beginner Intensive 4-7pm 

Pre & Mini Level Dancers

Intermediate Intensive 4-8pm
Premier & Petite Level Dancers

Advanced Intensive 4-9pm
Junior, Select & Grit Level Dancers


Select Team: 15 hours required
3 Advanced Evenings @ 4-9pm (5 hours of class time)
Pre & Mini Company: 15 hours required
5 Beginner Evenings @ 4-7pm
OR 2 Days @ 9-4pm & 1 Evenings @ 4-7pm 
Premier, Petite Company: 20 hours required
5 Intermediate Evenings @ 4-8pm 
OR 2 Days @ 9-4pm + 2 Evenings @ 4-8pm 
OR 3 Days @ 9-4pm + 1 Evenings @ 4-8pm
Junior Co. & Grit Team : 25 hours required  
5 Advanced Evenings @ 4-9pm (5 hours of class time) 
OR 4 Days @ 9-4pm (6 hours of class each day) 
OR 3 Days @ 9-4pm + 2 Evenings @4-9pm 
OR 2 Days @ 9-4pm + 3 Evenings @ 4-9pm 
OR 1 Day @ 9-4pm + 4 Evenings @ 4-9pm