Hi! You are the best! I love dancing at A Fine. It is so creative that you have a last name that you can use for a dance studio name. I love all the teachers! They are so nice and creative with making up dances! Was it hard to get into the business?

Sarah S. (student)

Needham, MA

You guys did an amazing job yesterday. The shows were a lot of fun to watch. Thank you for everything. Especially for the time you spent with Raelyn. I think this is one of the many things that sets you apart from other studios. You care so much about our children and it really shows. Thanks again.


Needham, MA

Abigail, we can not thank you enough! You are amazing—an amazing person, instructor, friend, and THERAPIST!!! With all this change in our lives it’s a pleasure to have someone like you there for us and our daughter. On the way home, Zoe said, “mom, my old teachers would have never done that for me. I was so afraid of the big girls–and then once I started to cry, I couldn’t stop and didn’t want anyone to see. Miss Abigail was so nice and made me feel happy again! You and Daddy are right, I am going to be so happy here. I am glad we have switched to AFDS!” You rule! thanks for putting up with everything and being flexible and helpful! I can’t tell you enough–I am so thrilled in our decision with your studio! We are looking forward to a great year to come. XOXO


Newton, MA

Abigail, What a great performance!  You should be so thrilled.  Leah’s experience with you has been so positive.  I can only imagine how difficult it must be to balance the differing skill levels, commitments and interests of all the girls.  You clearly make everyone feel so valued.  Leah and I had no idea what to expect when she enrolled in the middle of the year for the teen jazz/lyrical class.  From my first introduction to you to the enthusiastic teaching to the costume ordering and recital communication, everything was wonderful and top notch and we’ve been a part of other local studios before. We can’t wait to see you this summer and fall for another amazing year. We are thrilled to have found AFDS.   Enjoy the summer ahead! 

Amy A.

Needham, MA

I have an obsession with AFDS! It is my second home and I feel so safe and happy when I am there. All the teachers are wonderful and each one has there own teaching technique! I love Ms. Abigail because she is such a wonderful human being, she is beautiful, she is the best dance teacher and is amazing! I could name a million reasons! I feel as is AFDS is my second family and I could go to people there about anything! Thank you to all the teachers and for pushing me to be a better dance! I feel so lucky to have all of you in my life and to have AFDS! I love dancing and AFDS tops it off! Everything there is so special and things like the Holiday Party are just amazing. The parties blow my mind and they are so much fun! Since I have come to AFDS, the 1st year it made me more flexible, better with choreography… and much happier! Love everyone at AFDS!I love AFDS so much!

Hattie R. (student)

Westwood, MA

I had so much fun its in my memory book.

Madison M. (student)

Needham, MA

Hi Abigail, we came to your open house today at the new studio. WOW! My 10 year old is an excellent judge of character and when she turned to me and said, “Mom, I REALLY like her and I’d love to take dance here!” I was so impressed! She is usually pretty shy and reserved and even with the dozens of people you were welcoming, she felt comfortable with you immediately! Thank you so much for your time today. You have done a tremendous job in building your program and your facilities! BRAVO! We look forward to being part of the AFDS family.


Needham, MA

The recitals were amazing! Congratulations on an outstanding end to a great year. Shira had so much fun this weekend. She was so confident on stage and has grown so much as a dancer this year. Thanks for inspiring her to be the best she can be!

Judy M.

Needham, MA

Thank YOU for an amazing rehearsal and recital weekend. I am blown away by what you accomplished! SO many moving parts and it all went incredibly smoothly. A tribute to your passion and organizational skills. Really…just amazing.

Judy G.

Needham, MA

Dear Miss Abigail, The recital was absolutely AMAZING! Dave, on my right, was floored by the Marine Corps opening (I’m sure we’ve mentioned in our endless ramblings that Dave’s an ex-Marine). Michaela, on my left, said after the first number: my dance school isn’t very good compared to this. I don’t know how you or your incredible teachers find the time & energy! You guys work so hard with these kids and please know it shows 🙂 

Kay K.

Newton, MA

Hi Abigail,   Outstanding job with your program and the recital.  I cannot describe in words how fulfilling the father-daughter dance was.  It is an event that Hadley and I will always treasure.  Thank you and your staff for playing such a positive role in Hadley’s life as well.  She always gets so excited when she talks about her ballet classes and the nice group of friends she is making.  Keep up the tremendous work and best wishes in your new location! 

Rick W.

Needham, MA

Hi Abigail, just wanted to thank you for Katie’s party on Saturday, she had an amazing time, as did all the girls! You are so good with them, ever thought about being a preschool teacher?! We really appreciate you guys making the party so easy and stress free for us too. Thanks again!

Jocelyn R.

Newton, MA

Just wanted to let you know that Gabrielle and her friends are thrilled at your studio! I’m so glad we decided to change studios, your emphasis on fundamentals and a well rounded education is truly refreshing. I am wearing my new “A Fine…Mom” t-shirt right now and Gab loves her new “A Fine…Dancer” t-shirt, we love our new AFDS gear! Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your dance studio, your motivation and your dedication to the kids and parents!

Jacquie S.

Needham, MA

We love Miss Abigail so much that when we found out she was opening her own dance studio, we left our old dance school just to follow her and have her again. She is professional, teaches when the appropriate terms (not “babied down” terminology for the younger kids) but also keeps it fun for the little ones. Bright and cheerful, she gets down to their level to be “with” them, rather than talking down to them. Plus, the dancing is age appropriate, especially with the hip-hop styles (keeping it appropriate for the young ones, rather than “teenage” type moves.). It’s her professional quality and cheerful demeanor that is keeping us with her! it’s worth the long drive from Sharon to be with Miss Abigail.

Meegan T.

Sharon, MA

Dear Miss Abigail, please pass along my thanks to Miss Alyson and both the wonderful women at the front desk this afternoon who were both exceedingly kind to me and to Noa. Noa had a rough start today and everyone was encouraging, accommodating, and helpful. My mother and I spoke to Miss Alyson at length about the leveling in the tumbling class which has some incredibly talented older girls and instead of getting frustrated at the worried mother (and grandmother) chewing her ear off, Alyson was amazingly good natured and kind every step of the way. I do not have her email to thank her personally but please pass along my thanks to her. I know it will be much easier for Noa to come back for the next class thanks to her kindness.


Wellesley, MA

Congrats to you on a fantastic show! You are amazing to have pulled that off. I was in awe the whole time. Ella had a blast!! I loved watching you perform every dance on the sidelines for the little ones. Your brain must have been full of choreography!


Newton, MA

Hi Miss Abigail, The recitals were amazing! You can tell from sitting in the audience how the company groups love performing on stage. Just wait until Lizzy’s grade graduates from high school – we are just finishing elementary school, so we have plenty of dancing years at AFDS!! She gave you what I think is the ultimate compliment recently – Lizzy said that when she grows up, she wants to be like Miss Abigail. Wow! She has always wanted to be a teacher, and you are such a great role model for the girls, so I was not surprised at all. Thank you again for being you! We love you!!!

Linda M.

Needham, MA

Miss Abigail, Miss Alyson & Miss Brittany, I just had to write to thank you and let you know how fabulous yesterday was!!  It was actually my very first dance recital – ever – and you all were so professional, calm (at least in appearance) friendly and warm to the kids.  Being back stage, it was very clear to see how much planning, communication and attention went in to today’s performances.  I know Hannah is one of your little ones, but she LOVED every minute and said that she wished she could go on stage again next weekend!!  Thank you for helping her to fall in love with dancing.  She has grown so much this year and I believe that the dance has been a huge part of that.  You all worked so hard and we appreciate how wonderful the whole thing turned out.  My husband was very impressed with your dance moves, too…I guess he’s only had me and my dancing ability as a reference for so long – poor guy!! Thank you again and congrats on a great year!!!

Rebecca L.

Needham, MA

Miss Abigail is the best. The dance studio is so great and I LOVE to be there. Thx for opening the new studio!!

Lily E. (student)

Needham, MA

Ever since I switched to AFDS last year I’re had SO much fun! All the people are so sweet, I’ve grown so much as a dancer and I’ve finally experienced the thrill of competitive dance! I look forward to class all week and I always leave the studio glowing (and sweating, no less)! Love you Abigail and all the other amazing teachers, and thanks for everything you’ve taught me!

Mikki J. (student)

Needham, MA

Wow! What a show! I laughed, I cried, it was definitely better than Cats! I loved the father daughter dances and the girls had a blast with their class dances. Even Keith remarked that the dancing and choreography were much better than the studio Janie was with last year. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing Mary in it next year!

Jane C.

Needham, MA

Thank you Miss Abigail and Miss Karie for such an amazing year and a breathtaking recital performance. Lizzie loved coming to dance each Wednesday and I loved how organized, fun, and enthusiastic you and your staff was, you manage to bring out the best abilities in each child. Thank you and we are looking forward to another great year.

Vicki S.

Needham, MA

Dear Miss Abigail, WOW! As I told Miss Karie on my way out Saturday evening, I was beyond words at how amazing that recital was! It flowed beautifully, was completely entrancing, and I simply loved watching every minute of it!! I welled up a few times…even when I wasn’t watching Samantha dance. You have done an incredible job with AFDS, and we are thrilled to have joined your ‘family’ this year. Even my mother, who is not particularly effusive typically, could not stop talking about how wonderful your music choices were and what a nice recital that was. Years ago, I apologized to my parents for inviting them to a ballet recital of Samantha’s, it was so painful. What a difference this was!

Barbara S.

Needham, MA

This weekend’s performance took my breath away – amazing work Abigail. Thank you for everything.

Eric F.

Needham, MA

Hi Miss Abigail, just a quick note to say THANK YOU so much for the fabulous holiday party. We had no idea we were in for such a fantastic treat. I couldn’t believe it when I walked in how great everything looked. You obviously put an incredible amount of time, effort and energy (not to mention$$$!!!) into last night and I can’t believe you invited the entire studio, 250 kids! I wanted to make sure you knew how much the girls appreciate all of it. Kristina has done a lot of dance/gymnastics/etc classes and no one has ever done something so nice and so much fun for the girls. It will truly be one of her best holiday memories. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun she and her friend Julia had. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU… was so incredibly nice and generous of you to do that. Thanks again and happy, happy holidays…

Kristina P.

Needham, MA

Abigail, I can’t believe it but Anna really loved the class she took with Hannah during your Bring A Friend Week and she has now convinced us to change from gymnastics to dance. At first we were hesitant because we really like the discipline gymnastics has brought to her life but when we found out that your combination programs include Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Acrobatics/Gymnastics, we never looked back.

Stacy S.

Needham, MA

Hi Abigail, I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much Sophie LOVED her dance class yesterday. She was so excited and said that it was the most fun that she had ever had in all her years of dancing. She even came home, turned on her ipod, and showed me everything that she had worked on. Thanks for a great class and we look forward to many wonderful years with you at AFDS.

Karen W.

Boston, MA

I LOVE Miss Abigail. I love doing tondue, pase, tondue, close.

Leila. (student age 5)

Abigail Fine is an inspirational, dedicated dance instructor who has truly made a difference in my daughter’s life, as well as in her dance technique. Abigail takes the time to evaluate her young dancers and work with them to create and achieve their goals and aspirations. My daughter has benefited greatly from Abigail’s tutelage and is looking forward to an exciting year at A Fine Dance Studio, both as an assistant teacher and a student.

Leslie M.

Needham, MA

Hi Abigail, I just wanted to say Congratulations on a great job yesterday. We really enjoyed watching all of the girls and really liked seeing you and the rest of the teachers dance as well. I’m sure you are exhausted; but know that your hard work is appreciated. Sydney loves coming to class every week. We were so proud of her yesterday but more importantly she was proud of herself. You and your team do a great job with the kids.

Karen C.

Newton, MA

Hi Miss Abigail! Thank you for all your hard work at the rehearsal and recitals! My girls seemed to do great and really grew this year too. Also, thanks for letting Syd dance with you during the Father/Daughter dance. Sometimes she panics when there are a lot of people around and I think that is what happened. Justin said you and the other teachers were very attentive to her backstage when she got upset. You and your faculty are top notch. Very professional. Thanks again. See you soon 🙂


Needham, MA

Miss Abigail WOW.  WOW.  WOW.  I don’t know how you are standing today, but heaps of praise to you in all you accomplished in 3 shows this past weekend.  You and your crew deserve huge kudos.  When you talked to our daughter (graduating senior) in the third show and all the other girls ran on the stage, both my husband and I were so touched we were brought to tears.  In addition, seeing the girls dance together for the last time in their duo with that music was also really special.  Both my girls l have grown so much as dancers in their two years with your studio and thank you for all you have offered them.  Looking forward to next year! Thanks again for everything!


Wellesley, MA

Hi once more Miss Abigail, I just want to ‘thank you’ for a beautiful Dance Recital. I had a wonderful time. I am so impressed with you and your dance school. Thank you for all that you do for Lilli. I wanted to meet you but it was so hectic after the show and I was busy taking pictures of Lilli. Thanks again.  I enjoyed the show so much. Congratulations!!!

Georgie C.

Foxboro, MA

Dear Abigail, First, I wanted to let you know how truly impressed I was by you this weekend at the American Dance Awards competition. Your enthusiasm, professionalism and poise was remarkable. You are inspiring and run a tight ship. Thank you for showing us and our children what being a professional is. Also, I was sitting in the second row when I watched the pre company perform “The Glow” and I was amazed by the magic on the stage. The girls looked so happy together, they really seemed to be enjoying themselves and everything just was right. I asked my daughter today what she was thinking during the dance and she said, “I was thinking, this is the happiest I have ever been.” Thank you for creating a studio that focuses on inspiring girls to be their best, and that tries to give them confidence rather than breaking them down. I feel so blessed to be a part of the AFDS magic.

Amy F.

Needham, MA

Annee is LOVING dance.  She wants to sign up for all your classes 🙂  thank you for this love and excitement you have given her.


Needham, MA

Hi Miss Abigail: Your responsiveness is just amazing and it is a pleasure doing business with someone who really cares. That is why you are, and always will be so successful and well respected. Both my daughter and I are really looking forward to working with you this year.

Amy K.

Needham, MA

AFDS is the best dance studio ever! I have learned so much from Miss Abigail and Miss Karie! Thank you for everything that you do! I love you!

Julia C. (student)

Needham, MA

Abigail, You are a complete class act, I was so impressed with today’s recital. Thank you so much for your passion and commitment to your students and staff, we are so thrilled Meghan found your school. Meghan absolutely loved her 8 hours at Mass Bay today, she got to know the girls in her group and others. She so enjoyed helping the younger dancers. Hats off to you for coordinating such a spectacular event with so many students!

Maureen C

Needham, MA

We were so impressed with the recital. I will admit that my mom was visibly nervous when she saw that there were 42 separate performances, but I had faith that it would end at noon and – it ended at 11:59. The dances were creative, the costumes were fantastic and the whole show was seamless, you are AMAZING at what you do. Congratulations!

Maria F.

Newton, MA

Thank you Miss Abigail!! The recital was amazing!! Sophia loved every minute of it & we were so proud of her! We are already looking forward to next year! Every dancer did great & should be so proud of themselves! Thank you for everything!! You are the best!! We’ll see you on Saturday!

Jen S.

Needham, MA

That dance from last week was fabulous! And I so appreciate the TLC you both always give my daughter. She has been a bundle of nerves again, and is her old shaky self. . . Your intensive weekend program class has been really good for her and has been therapeutic as well as already helped her to improve her flexibility and technical skill.


The girls worked very hard today at dance and they looked great!!! We are ALL very happy with your program and are pleased to have found you opened your own studio.

Lisa H.

Needham, MA

Hi Abigail! Well, I must say Emma’s class last Friday at 12:30 was fantastic!! I think the studio is spacious, clean and has a very welcoming feel. And your energy and commitment are really impressive. Thank you for being flexible and we look forward to a wonderful year.

Lisa H.

Needham, MA

Miss Abigail is so passionate about her dancers. She works so hard to instill confidence as she is building their skills. She has nurtured my daughter’s love for dance as well as her self esteem. I have the utmost respect for Miss Abigail and her entire team. I know my daughter’s enthusiasm for dance will continue to grow at AFDS and I trust Miss Abigail with her dance education and so much more.

Lauren R.

Weston, MA

Miss Abigail, you run your studio in a way that is encouraging and uplifting, and it causes each student to strive to do their best, especially my daughter. You & your faculty care about all the students above and beyond just their dancing and you encourage them to strive for excellence and do their best in every area of their lives. Thank you so much for loving and caring for my daughter.

Teri M.

Needham, MA