Please be sure to review the AFDS refund policy on our studio Policies page.


CASH: Please come to the front desk for a receipt.
CHECK: Checks should be made payable to A Fine Dance Studio. There is a $20 service charge for any returned checks. All checks must be in five days prior to the end of the month or the credit card on file will be charged automatically.
CREDIT CARD: All major credit cards can be used online.


Regular attendance is strongly encouraged. In dance, each week builds on the prior week. Therefore, make-ups are handled on a case by case basis and will not be allowed after January when choreography is in full swing for the recital. The exception is non-performance classes such as Ballet, Technique and Stretch. All make-ups must be scheduled with the front desk.

Hours Per Week

Tuition* per Month (9 Months--no payment in June)

1 hour $75.00
1.5 hours $105.00
2 hours $135.00
2.5 hours $165.00
3 hours $190.00
3.5 hours $220.00
4 hours $250.00
4.5 hours $280.00
5 hours $310.00
5.5 hours $340.00
6 hours $370.00
6.5 hours $390.00
7-7.5 hours $405.00
8-9 hours $415.00
9+ hours depends on class

*add $2 per month if payment in 9 monthly installments
*2nd child discount: subtract $5/month from above numbers
*3rd child discount: subtract $10/month from above numbers


The default payment plan when you register is set to the 9 monthly installments beginning at the moment you register. Here is a detailed explanation of how each of the payment options works.

9 Monthly Installments - When choosing the default 9 monthly installment plan you MUST have a credit card on file. Credit cards will be charged on the 1st of each month, if an alternative form of payment has not been received before that time. Your first installment will be due at the time you register and this will include the registration fees, first tuition payment and first costume/recital fee deposit. Costume/Recital fees are spread out through the first three payments only and must be paid in full by 11/1 in order for a costume to be ordered for your child. Paying monthly carries a $2 premium fee per month per child. Please note that if your payment is not received by the 5th of each month and your credit card did not work, you will be assessed a $10 late fee for every 15 days your payment is late AND your dancer may not be able to participate in class. Please do not put us in this uncomfortable situation. If we do not receive your payment, we will be sure to send you an emailed statement/invoice immediately upon decline and we will place a phone call to your phone number on file.

Half & Half Payment Schedule - When selecting this payment option, you will pay half of your tuition/costumes fees at the time of registration along with the registration fee. The final half tuition/costume fees are due 1/1. You must have a credit card on file for this option. If your payment is not received by 1/5 you will be charged a $10/late fee for every 15 days your payment is late. Costume fees will be split in half between the two payments. Registration fees are paid in the first payment.

Payment In Full - When paying in full for the year you will receive a 10% off your full year tuition in May/June and 5% discount off full year tuition in July/August. Registration fees and Costume/Recital fees will also be charged at this time. To receive this discount you must pay in full by the end of the month in which you are registering. Cards on file will be charged immediately upon selection of this option unless another date has been set in advance. If you opt for the Pay-In-Full option, and have taken advantage of the Pay-in-Full discount, there are no refunds. You may switch classes and you may add classes, but no refunds for anyone who has opted for Pay-In-Full discounts.


Costume/Recital Fees include:

  • show quality costumes
  • a set of new performance tights
  • a professional recital DVD
  • your recital t-shirt

For the Monthly Installment Plan: these fees are broken into three (3) payments which are added to the first three tuition payments.

For the Half & Half Payment Schedule: the Costume/Recital fees will be charged half in the first installment and half in the second.

If your child is not performing in the year-end recital you MUST notify Abigail by email before 11/1 for your fees to be eligible for refund. The only additional expenditure you will incur will be tickets to the recital.

  • $110—1 hour combination class (2 dances in recital - 1 costume)
  • $125—1 hour JAZZ/HIP-HOP class (2 dances in recital - 1 combo costume)
  • $160—1.5 hour class (3 dances in recital - 1 costume + 1 combo costume)
  • $165—2 hour JAZZ/HIP-HOP or JAZZ/LYRICAL class (2 dances in recital - 2 costumes)
  • $170—2 hour COMBO class (3 dances in recital - 3 costumes )

*Competition Programs have their own fees